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Video System Production (Italy)

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17" HD (TVLogic) Multiviewers/Splitters MultiView (Blackmagic) VISION CONTROL Cameras 4x LDX-80 (Grass ... Valley) Lenses Digi Super (Canon) Fiber Connectors 3K.93C Series (Lemo) Video Matrix Videohub (Blackmagic) ... View

Video System Production

SMT UHD S3 (China)

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CEE 63A 5Pin PRODUCTION Vision Mixer 1x Kayenne K-Frame (Grass Valley) DVE 1x Kayenne Onboard (Grass ... Valley) Displays 7x 55" A1 (Sony) Multiviewers/Splitters KMV 16x2 (Grass Valley) Stereo Sound 8030 ... (Genelec) VISION CONTROL Cameras 24x LDX-86N (Grass Valley) Lenses Digi Power (Fujinon) Fiber Connectors ... View


NEP Broadcast Services UK Flypack Kalypso (United Kingdom)

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Kalypso Duo (Grass Valley) DVE 1x Kalypso Duo Onboard (Grass Valley) Displays 2x 24" HDSDI (JVC) 50x ... (Fujinon) Displays 5x 24" HDSDI (JVC) Digital Glue Synapse (Axon) Video Matrix 1x Trinix (Grass Valley ... (Grass Valley) INTERCOM Intercom Matrix 1x RTS Intercoms with Adam Matrix (RTS) Radio TX/RX BTR-800 (RTS) ... View

NEP Broadcast Services UK Flypack Kalypso

SABC FlyAway (South Africa)

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HardDisks 1x K2 Quad (Grass Valley) AUDIO RECORDING Audio Mixer 1x LS9 (Yamaha) Stereo Sound 6301 (Fostex) ... View

SABC FlyAway

NEP Belgium Unit 12 (Belgium)

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100 (Grass Valley) DVE 1x Kayak Onboard (Grass Valley) Displays 1x 42" HD2Line (Penta) 1x ... View

NEP Belgium Unit 12

WIGE Flypack (Germany)

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1x Kayak (Grass Valley) DVE 1x Kayak Onboard (Grass Valley) Displays 10x 20" BT-LS (Panasonic) ... Multiviewers/Splitters Predator (Imagine Communications) VISION CONTROL Cameras 2x LDK-8000 (Grass Valley) 2x CT Series ... View

WIGE Flypack

RTR 20ft Container (Russia)

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FlyPacks GENERAL Name of Flypack 20ft Container PRODUCTION Vision Mixer 1x Kayak DD 2T (Grass ... Valley) Displays 4x 17" HD (TVLogic) Multiviewers/Splitters VIP12 DUO (Evertz) Character Generators ... View

RTR 20ft Container

Dome Productions HD Fly-Pack (Canada)

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6x LDK-6000 (Grass Valley) Lenses Digi Super (Canon) Displays 2x 17" HD/SD (Marshall) Digital ... View

Dome Productions HD Fly-Pack

Gravity Media FlyPack 1 (Australia)

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Trio (VizRT) VISION CONTROL Cameras 12x LDK-6000 (Grass Valley) Lenses Digi Super (Canon) Displays 4x ... View

Gravity Media FlyPack 1

Qvest Media Flypack (Germany)

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Kayak 200 (Grass Valley) Displays 40x 9" LMD (Sony) 10x 17" BL-LS (Panasonic) 4x 42" LC ... (Barco) Multiviewers/Splitters MVP (Evertz) VISION CONTROL Cameras 14x LDK-6000 (Grass Valley) 2x LDK-6200 ... (Grass Valley) Lenses Digi Power (Fujinon) Digital Glue X75 (Imagine Communications) 5000 Series (Lynx) ... View

Qvest Media Flypack