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Panasonic to start development of new professional 3D production system

News >> 4K / 8K Arising

4K / 8K Arising Panasonic Corporation today announced it will start developing a professional 3D ... towards creation of more 3D entertainment content, Panasonic successfully debuted the world's first ... Authoring Center within Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in February 2009 to support Hollywood studios in ... View

Panasonic to start development of new professional 3D production system
Panasonic expands multi-format switcher line with new 16-input AV-HS450E
Camera Corps Q-Balls track celebrities in the Australian jungle

Videohouse OB 7 (Belgium)

Mobile Production >> UpLink Vans

Valley) Displays 10x 14" BT-LS (Panasonic) VISION CONTROL Cameras 3x LDK-6000 (Grass Valley) Lenses ... RECORDING VTRs 1x HDW-2000 (Sony) 1x SRW-5000 (Sony) AJ-HD 3700 (Panasonic) HardDisks 2x LSM XT2 (EVS) ... View

Videohouse OB 7
Niles Creative Group creates world’s largest daylight-viewable 3D display with Barco

Visual Impact Hire (United Kingdom)

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Channels. Over 100 Sony HDCAM Shoulder Mount Cameras. Range of Panasonic DVCPro HD, P2 and VariCam ... View

Visual Impact Hire

NEP Telerecord Unita 10 (Italy)

Mobile Production >> SloMo&UltraMotion

(Panasonic) 2x 14" BVM (Sony) Video Matrix 1x Panacea (Imagine Communications) RECORDING VTRs 1x HDW-2000 ... (Sony) HardDisks 4x VDR-400 HD (BLT) Displays 10x 9" (Panasonic) 2x 14" BVM (Sony) INTERCOM ... View

NEP Telerecord Unita 10

PROVi Twin Mobil 3 (Germany)

Mobile Production >> SloMo&UltraMotion

380/400 Power Connector CEE 16A 5Pin PRODUCTION Vision Mixer 1x AV-HS400 (Panasonic) SloMo Desks 2x LSM ... View

PROVi Twin Mobil 3

Camera Corps (United Kingdom)

Mobile Production >> Specialist Cameras

of View) Cameras (Camera Corps) HV-D30 (Hitachi) IK-HD1 (Toshiba) HD-RH1 (Iconix) AW-E800 (Panasonic ... View

Camera Corps

EBH (Denmark)

Rental Companies >> Video Hire

Sony SRW-5800 HDCAM SR REcorder. Sony HDW-1500 HDCAM Recorder. Panasonic AJ-HDX90 DVCPro HD CamCorder. ... View


Media Broadcast 1 (Germany)

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Formats 720p 1080i PRODUCTION Vision Mixer 1x AV-HS400 (Panasonic) Displays 2x 9" LMD (Sony) VISION ... View

Media Broadcast 1

Tatou Rental (France)

Rental Companies >> Video Hire

SRW-1 HDCAM SR Recorder. Sony HDW-900R, HDW-790 and HDW-750 HDCAM CamCorder. Panasonic AJ-HD1200, ... AJ-HD1400 and AJ-HD-1700. Panasonic AJ-HDX900 DVCPro Camcorder. Panasonic AG-HPX3700, AG-HPX3000 and ... AG-HPX2700 P2 CamCorder. Lenses from Canon, Fujinon and Zeiss OTHER PRODUCTS. HD Flypack Sytem with Panasonic ... View

Tatou Rental

Qvest Media Flypack (Germany)

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Kayak 200 (Grass Valley) Displays 40x 9" LMD (Sony) 10x 17" BL-LS (Panasonic) 4x 42" LC ... View

Qvest Media Flypack

Qvest Media Rental (Germany)

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Video Hire VIDEO PRODUCTS. Sony HDW-M2000 and HDW-D2000 HDCAM Recorders. Panasonic AJ-HD1800 and ... View

Qvest Media Rental

BBC PQ Studio A (United Kingdom)

Studio Production >> Production Studios

2x 32" LMD (Sony) 23x 20" LMD (Sony) 3x 42" BT-LS (Panasonic) 5.1 Surround Sound ... View

BBC PQ Studio A